Emily and fin has arrived at Popsicle.

We spent a fun day in the studio shooting some of Emily and Fin's                                                                                 Spring/Summer collection. I just love this vintage inspired hawaiian                                                                               print, just perfect for a hot summers day! Thanks to our very talented                                                                             photographer Natasha Bidgood (www.natashabidgood.com) for all                                                                                 her fantastic shots and for the loan of her studio.
Anyone for tea!! Alice Ashton our beautiful model thought I was mad getting her to hold this stunning vintage cup and saucer thats also available from the shop for just £10!!
Lets just say I was having a monotone moment! But I love the finished shot.
Our wonderful Onewemadeearlier statement necklaces and Claudia's ( Claudia made this) matching bangles work brilliantly too.
Feeling well tropical with our Merrimaking kiwi bumbag and Emily and fin cowboy/cactus jessica dress.
Seeing spots!! Edna spot top from Emily and fin, Onewemadeearlier necklace and Claudia made this bangles all available in store.
Whoosh!! I loved the movement and colour change in Alice's hair in this shot, so much so we made a teeny stop frame film out of the left over shots. We used it to celebrate our first birthday...YAY! 
This is my favourite shot of Alice she looks stunning! Our lovely Make up artist for the day Alex Crown did a wonderful job considering she had an hours notice!!
I've got the shooting bug now, can't wait to do another one, watch this space!
All featured Emily and fin clothes available on line at www.popsicleonline.com and in store.

Sharon Makgill
Sharon Makgill


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