Todays TWO is by the wonderful Meg Tait aka one half of Merrimaking.   


Merrimaking was co-founded in Brighton in 2009. It started as a means to fund a summer of fun, but it quickly became clear that there was a demand for what they were making, and within a year Merrimaking Hoods were worn on stage at major festivals across the UK, were featured in high street magazines and sold in Selfridges.

The girls would make and wear Animal Hoods for parties, and to unite friends at festivals. Unknowingly they were fore-fronting what was to become a hugely distinctive fashion trend – the Animal Hood!

It quickly became a full-time job. The exposure that the Hoods gained have since paved the way for them to create an entire wardrobe of playful ideas, including clothing and other accessories, like these awesome 'Thinking cap' hats modelled below by the very cute Dexter one of Meg's four dogs.

Six years on, and it is a well established independent fashion label. It has been featured on BBC and Channel4, and in high street magazines including Grazia and Vogue.

These watermelon bumbags get everyone excited in the shop especially during the festival season. Available in store and online at

Merrimaking has been worn by artists including Ellie Goulding, Zoe Ball and Rizzle Kicks,


Meg has many talents and at present is enjoying a new area of her buisness making bespoke signs. We love everything Meg does, its always done with intense fun, colour and passion. To see more of Megs signs check out her instagram at

Or to see more about Merrimaking go to