Todays TWO is by the wonderful Meg Tait aka one half of Merrimaking.   


Merrimaking was co-founded in Brighton in 2009. It started as a means to fund a summer of fun, but it quickly became clear that there was a demand for what they were making, and within a year Merrimaking Hoods were worn on stage at major festivals across the UK, were featured in high street magazines and sold in Selfridges.

The girls would make and wear Animal Hoods for parties, and to unite friends at festivals. Unknowingly they were fore-fronting what was to become a hugely distinctive fashion trend – the Animal Hood!

It quickly became a full-time job. The exposure that the Hoods gained have since paved the way for them to create an entire wardrobe of playful ideas, including clothing and other accessories, like these awesome 'Thinking cap' hats modelled below by the very cute Dexter one of Meg's four dogs.

Six years on, and it is a well established independent fashion label. It has been featured on BBC and Channel4, and in high street magazines including Grazia and Vogue.

These watermelon bumbags get everyone excited in the shop especially during the festival season. Available in store and online at

Merrimaking has been worn by artists including Ellie Goulding, Zoe Ball and Rizzle Kicks,


Meg has many talents and at present is enjoying a new area of her buisness making bespoke signs. We love everything Meg does, its always done with intense fun, colour and passion. To see more of Megs signs check out her instagram at

Or to see more about Merrimaking go to

Todays TWO comes from the most awesome Marcus Walters Studio. 

It seems like the perfect day to bring out the ice cream!

Marcus is one of the UK's foremost illustrators and designers. His work spans a wide variety of styles and techniques including collage, drawing and screen printing. 

Marcus studied at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, London before going on to work in the design industry. Marcus has exhibited his artwork in shows across the world and is a regular feature at the V&A Museum, London.

His commercial clients include Amnesty International, The Fairtrade Foundation, Honda, BBC, Sony, Orange, Honda, Coca-Cola and a number of magazines.

Marcus currently spends his time working from his studio and print workshop in Gloucestershire.

He has a passion for designing T-shirts, maybe its the process, maybe the size restriction ( not unlike the now defunct record cover). Whatever the reason it gives him a great thrill knowing that people are wearing his designs on the street, somewhere in the world.

We love Marcus's clothing range at Popsicle, kids and adults cant get enough of them!

 He works collaboratively with his wife Hayley who hand prints his work. When he hands his artwork to Hayley for printing she will also add her own interpretation, so its a team effort!

If you would like to view more of Marcus's extensive portfolio of work go to

Todays TWO design is by the amazing The Printed Peanut.

The Printed Peanut was created by Louise Lockhart who designs beautifully illustrated products for kids and grown-ups.

Louise's unique designs have been applied to a varied selection of products including toys, games, clothes, accessories and pieces for your home. Louise also works as a freelance illustrator and is currently working on her third children's book.


 We love her awesome and fun range of soaps, all are 100% natural and made in Yorkshire. The vegan soaps contain only natural ingredients and come packaged in 100% recycled paper printed in the UK, using water based eco-friendly inks.

Louise has now published a few books but my favourite is her concertina book 'Up My Street'. This book is a reminder – and celebration – of the shops that are no longer (or soon to be) existing on the typical high street nowadays like launderettes, ironmongers, groceries etc.

The front side of the concertina book displays a busy high street housing 8 shops, each of which is based on a real-life shop. Once you are done gazing at the detailed and quirky shop fronts, flip the book over and have a look inside where you can meet colourful cast of characters which run them and read some playful poetry too!


Louise is passionate about getting kids to play games with their hands, rather than being glued to screens all the time.

Louise uses beautiful design and packaging to re-work some of the old school traditional games like 'Pass the Parcel' and 'Pin the Tail' in doing so she's helping to keep the classics alive with a creative and modern twist.

If you would like to see more of The Printed Peanut check out their website at or find some of her fab things at


We are pleased to introduce the fabulous Alfred and Wilde's TWO.

Alfred & Wilde is an East-London design studio that creates bold, graphic wall art, homewares and gifts inspired by geometric shapes, quirky typography and colour.
Founded by artist and designer Simon Mitchell in 2013, Alfred & Wilde has drawn inspiration from the architecture and style of London, from modernist tower blocks in East London to cabinets of curiosity in the Science Museum. The range includes hand-pulled screen prints, jewellery and homewares with luxurious metallic inks and foiling. 
We love their strong graphic designs and their use of gold foil, who does'rt love a bit of bling!
Simons enthusiasm for good design is clear to see in his awesome blog
Where you can be inspired by all things good in the design world.


All their products are designed in their East London studio.

I was impressed to find out the geometric patterns on his mugs are based on the Platonic Solids, a series of five solid shapes named after the Ancient Greek thinker Plato. Their mathematical beauty has led them to be repeatedly linked to the construction of the universe. They also symbolised the basic elements: earth, air, fire, water and a mysterious fifth element,......Wowza!! Not just any mug.


We are so chuffed with this fantastic I Love LEWES print Simon designed just for us and now available at

The print is also available for London lovers in a I Love Hackney and I Love London on his website.

Simon has also done bespoke collections for the Science Museum and the Southbank Centre and he can turn his hand to any project while keeping his own unique style.

If you would like to see more of Alfred and Wilde you can visit their website at

Todays TWO design is by the Brighton born super talented Camilla Perkins.

Camilla is an Illustrator who can put her hand to any medium. She derives inspiration from the oddities of life, whether human, flora or fauna, and since graduating from the University of Westminster in 2012 she has worked with various clients to produce awesomely coloured, heavily patterned and unique images.

Clients Include: BBC Good Food, Lenny Letter, The Debrief, Penguin, Red, WRAP, Medium, Other Gallery, Fruits & Wine, The Pitchfork Review, Humanitas, Wickle, The Lifted Brow, Viva and more.

Camilla was one of the selected artists for this years @pickmeuplondon here she is in front of some of her amazing work from the exhibition.

We love all of Camilla's work especially these wonderful, animal-themed illustrations . Camilla’s fascination with zoology and botany is seen throughout her work, with leaf patterns and various sea creatures adorning her designs. All her subjects have such character you could believe they are real, but most of them come from her incredible imagination!


Below is one of Camilla's paintings called 'Iris' that we have for sale online at ,where you can also view her brilliantly designed tea towels.

We hope to sell more bespoke products with Camilla in the future, so watch this space!

If you would like to see more of Camilla's wonderful work you can visit her website at


Todays artist is Kelly Hyatt designer, illustrator and creative director of Lagom Design, based in Hove, East Sussex.

Lagom is a swedish word which describes the feeling when something has the 'perfect balance' or is 'just right', which is the best description of Kelly's contemporary designs.

We are a big fan of the Cherished collection pictured below which has been selected as  a finalists for The Henries awards 2016, fingers crossed.

We have stocked Lagom since opening and love the fact they are ever evolving and always introducing new designs and artists to their awesome collection.

Obviously their use of colour and modern design ticks all our boxes,for example the gift wrap below is called 'Happiness" need I say more!

Kelly worked as a freelance illustrator before co-founding Beaumonde International in 1996.During this time Kelly secured contracts with Paperchase, Playboy and Habitat. In 2007 Kelly moved to France and it was while he was there he decided to create something really special – this something ‘just right’ would become Lagom.

 Lagom has now grown into an international business. They also attract some of the most talented illustrators and artists in the world and now have over 25 collections of cards, gifts and wrap.

After 22 years in the greeting cards industry Kelly is still passionate about keeping the spirit of print alive and we salute you!

Thank you Kelly for keeping our world ever colourful and ROCK!!

To see more of their work go to and

We've asked a selection of our very talented designers to create us a bespoke number TWO just for us.

Everyday this week on social media we will be showing a different designers bespoke TWO.

Todays turn is by the fabulous Lou Taylor. A Brighton based print and accessorie designer.


We love her imaginative colourful illustrations that she turns into statement jewellery, silk scarves and prints.

Lou takes a playful and graphic approach to iconic subjects as diverse as Pretty in Pink (her all-time favourite film) to lipsticks, swans and swimming pools.
The image above shows some of the bespoke pieces she did just for Popsicle and of which you can find on our website. The palm tree earrings are one of our best sellers
this summer, everyone loves a bit of bling!!
Lou's work can be found in the Fashion and Textile Museum, the National Gallery, Nottingham Contemporary and other smaller boutiques and shops such as Colours May Vary in Leeds,  Retro Rehab in Manchester, Welcome Home in Glasgow and Pussy Home Boutique in Brighton.
Her Swimmers print above was featured in The Independent's 'Top 10 prints for under £100' in January 2015 and continues to be her most successful range to date.

Lou has worked with a wide range of clients such as Anthropologie, the V&A and Laura Ashley on vibrant, colourful prints designed for a wide range of products from Christmas cards and make-up bags to stationery and lipsticks.

All featured work available at 

Popsicle is very excited to be part of this years Artwave art trial.

We are looking forward to showing a wonderful collection of unique talented artists.

All of which share my love of colour and fun which is obvious in their work!

Come take a virtual walk around our awesome artists.

 First up.....

Ella Robinson is a talented young artist whose work celebrates vibrant colour, pattern and unexpected textile materials. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London.

Working with both found and purchased media, she creates one-off hand crafted pieces inspired by the colours of the urban environment and the charm of the coast.

Ella Robinson was born in Brighton (UK) in 1984. Her passion for art was first realised during experimental art lessons, where numerous found materials were used; ring pulls from drinks cans, large pieces of wood found in skips and scraps of materials and ribbon. She found it more exciting and inspiring to work three-dimensionally with materials, discovering their unique properties, rather than to paint or draw.

Since graduating Robinson has continued to combine found wood with traditional textile media and plastics by drilling, stitching and wrapping.

Whilst studying at the Royal College, Robinson came third in the Man Group Drawing Prize (2009) with examples of her embroidered driftwood pieces, was awarded The Worshipful Company of Dyers’ Travel Bursary (2008) (where she travelled to New York), and had her first solo show, Stripetastic, at The Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.


Ice and a Slice, 2012, found and melted bottle tops, 56.4 x 56.4 x 4.7cm. £650


Hugh, 2010, plastic tubing, steel pins and driftwood, 36 x 23 x 6cm. 

Blue, found beach plastics and found wood 49.5 x 49.5 x 4.7cm, £550.

Oh, 2009, viscose thread and driftwood, 20 x 15 x 3cm £300.