Todays Two is designed and handmade by the gorgeous Olivia Bullock aka YOKE.

Olivia Bullock is a Lewes based artist and illustrator. Her work draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of historical cultural references as well as contemporary influences from personal experience as a former fashion illustrator. 

Olivia's work is entirely hand painted, using a combination of gouache and watercolour on paper, which is then cut out and assembled to create a multi layered collage. 

We Love, love, love her special TWO she did for us, you can see how she layers her pieces with beautiful texture and colour.

Super Science 2015

Olivia often uses pop culture to add a real and humorous feel to her work. For example checkout the adidas tracksuit and Birkenstock sandals on the piece above.

Much of her inspiration is gathered from legends, stories, history and traditions. Her invented beasts, masked beings, dysfunctional and ridiculous characters occupy a captivating, and brilliant mythological world. 

Ceremonial from Super Science 2015

Her characters often have no emotional presence or identity and are often hidden from view, leaving your imagination to fill the gaps. 

Olivia did the artwork for Steve Masons latest Album pictured above called 'Meet the Humans' for Domino records. She also collaborated on the video 'Planet Sizes' which is well worth a watch ( link below ).

Anhematonic from Musicology 2014

Olivia created the accessories label YOKE in 2015. We fell in love with YOKE the moment she showed us and I'm especially enjoying this seasons coloured and white ropes which have gone down a storm!

If you would like to see more of Olivia's awesome work go to her website....

You can shop her YOKE collection at





For the past month I've been working on my first Popsicle product.

I was inspired by a very wonderfully talented friend of mine who shares my love of perspex.

Lets call him Gardener Willy ( you know who you are....)

A few years ago now he sent me and I'm sure many others a simple but gorgeous perspex triangle

to hang on the christmas tree.

Each year as I pull it out of my decoration box I am reminded of this wonderful man

and it brings a smile to my face!! 

I wanted everyone to feel this joy and share such a memory of a friend.

So I designed with a lot of help from my Hamish these two collections of christmas cards.

Being Popsicle they had to be bright and blingy!!

And so these were born......I hope you like them.