Today's TWO is the final in our birthday celebrations and it seemed fitting that it should be by Studio Makgill.

Founded by my husband, Hamish Makgill, Studio Makgill works with businesses large and small. They focus on the creation of brand identities and all forms of visual communication.

Their philosophy is simple, innovate beautiful designs, that last, that inspire and that enable their clients to realise their ambitions.

Their clients include Its Nice That, Nike, Boxpark, H Furniture and G.F. Smith to name just a few.

They create minimalist packaging with eye catching design that comes from a deeper philosophy and understanding of the brand.

Studio Makgill specialises in design for print, something often said to be dead in the face of digital, but Hamish disagrees. 

He sees print as an essential part of the design world and thinks there will always be a need to touch and smell and believe in the real things such as paper.



Statistics made wearable. Here's the first item of Studio Makgill's product line called The Good Modern.

It's a pin badge that depicts a pie chart of the music listened to in the studio.

Available at Popsicle.



I feel very fortunate that Hamish created the identity for Popsicle.

WE think its a perfect fit. 


Our stickers catch everyones eye,

its that attention to detail that helps to create a unique brand.

To see more of their work check out their website at
Twitter @studiomakgill