Neon Clothing Vinyl - Design Your Own T-shirt - Only Vinyl Provided

For 5 years now I've been doing childrens birthday parties designing your own Neon T-shirt using clothing vinyl. I will continue to do them from September, but they will mobile so I can come to your home or space.

They are a huge success with the kids, and over the years of doing them I've not had one child who doesn't light up from the pleasure of wearing a design that they did totally on their own. 

You get one bag of mixed NEON ( Orange, pink, green and yellow ) pre-cut to various sizes for £2.

You will need to supply the T-Shirt.

For ages 3yrs to 100yrs.


I suggest you lay the T-shirt flat and either place the pre-cut shapes or re-cut them to whatever you like directly on where you want them on the T-shirt.

They must be bright side up or they will not stick.

Once you have them how you wish, take a piece of greaseproof paper and lay on top of vinyl and being careful not to move them press a hot iron on top for 20 seconds.

The vinyl will stick to the T-shirt and once it has cooled down ( which can take 1-2 mins or shake T-shirt to cool faster) its best if an adult tests the heat of vinyl before the child starts to peel off the clear top layer from each piece.

You will know all the vinyl has been peeled because it should now have a matt appearance instead of shiney.

Voila!!! Your very own T-shirt. I always encourage the children when asked about their T-shirt to say "I designed it MYSELF!!"

ENJOY and please feel free to share your childs designs on my Instagram

(@popsiclelewes ) by tagging or on my Facebook page PopsicleLewes. 



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