Handmade Handwoven Mexican Rebozo Scarf/Shawl in Red

These handmade and handwoven Mexican Rebozo scarves are part of the womens

traditional dress. They are worn as a shawl in both summer and winter, used as a

babysling and in the past used to hold and suppport the woman during labour.

Each knot and tieing of the fringing is different depending on which village they were made.

I always get compliments when I wear mine, they are so joyful and make the perfect

wrap for all seasons, and I love the hit of neon in them!

Color: Red, Rainbow with a hit of neon

Material: Cotton & Acrylic Blend
Handmade in Chiapas, Mexico

Measurements (approximate):
Width: 32 inches
Length 68 - 70 inches (plus fringe)

Care Instructions: We recommend hand washing in cold water with like colors & air drying.

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