Handmade Wooden Ping Pong Crossbow

These crossbows are handmade by two brothers in Sheffield.

They aren't officially a toy but I sell loads in my shop to kids who fall in love with them after the live demo.

The adults are just as impressed and often buy them to shoot for their children and then get the children to run and collect the balls, so you could say a good way of exercising the little ones!

They are also very eco as they are made from only wood, elastic bands, a peg and ping pong balls, whats not to like!

A brilliant Christmas gift and a great way to let off steam on Boxing day!

Suitable for kids from age 6yrs to 100yrs.

We accept no responsibility for damages to self or others.

Please don't shoot at people or animals (especially penguins )

Photo by DanielsBros

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